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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 13, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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information about those human remain s until they can have positive identification. -- remains until they can have positive identification. >> reporter: police have not yet confirmed that he was the man they found inside the cabin. >> that will depend on the condition of the body that's recovered. it will depend on the forensics available in the laboratories that are available. >> reporter: the week-long search ended with an intense shootout at the cabin. cbs reporter informs the middle of it. >> we are right, right in the center of the action. right as it's happening. >> reporter: and then with a single gunshot, the final confrontation was over. police say the former los angeles police officer and navy reservist took his own life as the cabin went up in flames. a funeral was held in riverside, california for a police officer. police say he killed the 34- year-old officer in an ambush last week. police say before he surfaced
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yesterday, he was hiding out in an empty condo just across the road from their command post. tourists and residents in the mountain resort town are relieved the manhunt is over. he is expected of shooting and killing four people and injuring at least two others since last week. he posted a manifesto online saying it was revenge for being fired by the l.a.p.d. in 2008. thousands of police officers were hunting for him, trying to stop him from killing again. at this point, the l.a.p.d. has removed its city-wide tactical alert, although it's keeping in place some dozen protective details on targets that he named in the manifesto, on the possible targets there. and the police are saying that this is one of the largest, most tech any logically sophisticated and expensive manhunts in the region in southern california. reporting live, now back to you.
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>> thank you. and as always, you can find latest updates on this story on our website. an east bay officer is out of the hospital after a late night shootout. the pittsburgh police officer was hit as he and others approached a man out for arrest. police say the suspect fired first. the officers did an outstanding job today. they come to work every day knowing that they can face a situation like this. they acted upon the threat and did what they were trained to do. >> the suspect was shot. he is now in stable condition at a local hospital. a south bay arrest led to an explosive situation. the suspect who police say made a threat against an elected official. >> reporter: this afternoon, officials are still trying to identify the explosive materials that they blew up here in this front yard last night. >> you never know what you're living next to. >> reporter: and in this quiet
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neighborhood lived a man who the chp says threatened an official. his lawn turned into ground zero when the bomb squad blew up materials they think were being used to make explosives. >> we didn't expect to find what we found. >> reporter: this is video from the controlled explosion from the house across the street. >> it's scary. somebody that has the ability to do something along those lines trors chp is charged with protecting state officials when they were tipped off by the threat. they arrested him at a family home. they took a search warrant to his home, a home covered in antennas and radio equipment which he told neighbors he used to communicate with people in the mountains. >> it was odd. if you look around, there's nothing like that around here at all. >> reporter: and inside the home, homemade explosives in various forms. >> they were not able to identify exactly what it was. do i move it? do i drive with it?
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>> reporter: that's when they decided to dig a hole, line it with sandbags and detonate the materials themselves. >> i think the better safe than sorry thing is great. >> reporter: and now that this is over, officers will go back to the original goal which is to collect evidence for the search warrant. >> thank you. barry bond's lawyers are fighting in court to appeal his obstruction of justice conviction. lawyers for the former slugger says the conviction was based on an invented legal theory and not criminal conduct. federal prosecutors argue that he throed grand jury back in december of 20á '03 about the use of performance enhancing drugs. thousands of cruiseship passengers are getting a slow tow back to shore days after a fire shut down the ship. the carnival cruise liner has been drifted in the gulf of mexico since sunday. some 4,000 people are onboard without electricity.
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and it's being towed to mobile, alabama at about 8 miles per hour. pope benedict xvi celebrates the last public mass as pontiff. danielle nottingham is in vatican city. >> reporter: pope benedict walked slowly with two aides at his side as he entered s t. peter's fsh ash wednesday mass. -- peter's ash wednesday wednesday. today marks the beginning of the holy season of lent for catholics. earlier, thousands of faithful stood and applauded pope benedict before the weekly audience. the pope spoke briefly in english. >> this this season, christ knocks at our door. >> reporter: in italian, the pope said he is resigning for the good of the church. the 85-year-old is stepping down because he says he no longer has the physical or mental strength to lead. spectators say he was better
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than expected. >> he was happy and lovely to see that. always smiling. >> i thought it was a special day. very moving. >> reporter: the vatican announced today the conclave will begin in mid 46 march. they'll t college of cardinals will choose the exact date when they gather here in rome. the future of the church is the hot topic. the pope was 78 when he was electioned and many believe the next pope should be younger. >> looking for a younger pope who can relate with the younger generation. >> i would like to see maybe more open to some new ideas. >> reporter: pope benedict is the first pope to resign in 600 years. the vatican says all objects connected to the ministry will be destroyed, including his ring when he used to seal official documents. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the vatican. the big challenge for of the biggest celebration, raising enough money for the new bay bridge bash.
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the transportation commission discussing the proposed $5.6 million party budget today. the labor day weekend bash, a big firework show and a public walk across the new eastern span. we are your bay bridge station. we are exactly 201 days away from the big opening weekend. well, scientists make another major break through in the study of autism. >> the genetic mutations that may be behind some of the disorders. and millions of the women do it every day. when taking calcium supplements can actually be bad for your health. hi, in the cbs 5 weather center. sunshine is breaking out right now. but maybe rain on the horizon. we will talk about that coming up. and hi. with mobile weather outside of hp pavilion on a glorious day. so why are thousands heading indoors? the answer as the news
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but in afternoon trading that has all changed......its now in the red some strong profit reports had stocks holding high today. but that changed. take a look. right now, the dow is down 60. and some change. and still about an hour to go. we will see how it finishes up. scientists say they found a genetic mutation that could be connected to some kinds of autism. researchers point to an error in the gene that leads to disturbances in the levels of the chemicals. well, it relays messages to the brain and researchers say not having enough can lead to autistic behavior such as resistance to change.
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about 30% of patients with autism have abnormal levels offer is tone january in their blood. lung cancer is set to overtake breast cancer as the main cause of death, cancer deaths in european women. experts say the numbers may reflect the increase in women who started smoking in the 1960s and 70s. and women who take large doses of calcium could be at higher risk for heart disease. researchers followed 61,000 women and they found taking calcium on top of a high calcium diet was associated with double the risk of dying of heart disease. in the u.s., more than 60% of middle aged and older women take supplements to preventose owe pope benedict row sis -- to preventing bone thinning.
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on survey investigator's big 26th season premier. but will kids really be a new twist?
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well, it's too nice a day to be indoors. a little foggy out there. >> a little bit for everyone around the bay area today. a little foggy early on. a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. hazy outside right now. but boy, great weather ahead.
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the temperature just now beginning to warm up. 50s and 60s popping up outside. 61 in san jose. and 57 degrees in santa rosa. looking out, very quiet out there. and still, mild into the afternoon. tonight, we may see a couple patches of fog, chilly inland but not as cold as this morning and then a warming trend into valentine's day and holding on into the weekend. high pressure overhead. it's moving closer to the coast. and we will begin to see an offshore wind. and that will be enough to crank up the temperatures. much warmer days ahead. in fact, some numbers could head into the low 70s. computer model into the afternoon, skies mostly clear. and then overnight tonight, we may see a couple patches of fog near the coastline and maybe sliding inside the bay. but not a whole lot. and the better part of valentine's day, looking sweet outside. a lot of sunshine and warmer weather. 64 degrees today. about 62 in san mateo. east bay temperatures up into
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the 60s in most spots. about 64 degrees in oakland. 64 in mill valley. and 61 in san francisco. overnight low rings still cold in spots, 30s and 40s, but not as cold as this morning and the next couple days, warming up into the upper 60s, maybe low 70s. look at that, saturday and sunday, nice too, but we put a couple raindrops back in the forecast and we might see some of those. >> just had to throw clouds in there. >> it's wintertime. >> make it exciting. well, she's out with the kpix mobile. >> reporter: let's go to this side here. this is our weather master. it's difficult to read when it's bright and sunny how the side. but it says right now, 58 degrees. it's reporting the relative humidity at 49%. and pressure is way up there. because as lawrence was saying, not a raindrop in sight.
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we are in san jose. we are outside hp pavilion. home of the sap open tennis tournament where only the best players in world are playing and that's right here. to tell us more about it, the tournament director. good afternoon. >> thank you for coming out. beautiful day. >> reporter: tell me what's going on inside today. >> we have the final tournament here that began this week, running through sunday. >> reporter: you said final, why is this the final torn ?ment. >> the greatest facility, it's the last single court facility in the tournament. we have to take it to memphis where they have multiple courts. >> reporter: 125 years. >> great champions. andy will be here this saturday to play in the exhibition game and he has won as well. >> each day through sunday? >> each day through sunday with the exhibition sunday night. it will be a great day and then the finals are on sunday. >> reporter: those names mean something to me because i read
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about them. but i'm not a great tennis player. why would it interest you? >> it's fast, the entertainment is fun and the guys are really cute. >> reporter: sign me up! i'm going inside right now. even though it's a sunny day. but we made it easy for the folks at home. if they want more information, visit us online. reporting from mobile weather outside the hp pavilion,. >> sign me up too! >> reporter: let's go. >> i just want tickets. >> thank you. she is on the road and so is tony. >> his daughter is showing us how one san francisco chef cooks up lamb. >> hello everybody. i am stephanie for stephanie's bites and we are here in san francisco. and i'm going to go inside and have amazing southern france food. >> today, we are cooking the lamb's with wine. i take my lambs from there. salt, pepper on the top. olive oil in the pan.
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>> reporter: you can see the lamb, it's browning. it happens quickly. what is it sitting in? >> one side, one time. celery, onions, carrots,. >> reporter: bacon on top. >> and more flavor. mary nate for 24 hours. after 24 hour, the meat is -- >> reporter: look at it, it's purple. >> and cook. >> reporter: okay. >> okay. take all this. now when it's done, lamb cook, vegetables cooked. >> reporter: this is a marinade. >> i put inside. >> reporter: and strain it. well, that's just wonderful. >> and put in the oven. for three hours. >> reporter: three hours. >> 50, very nice. when it's done, put some lamb sauce on the top. and when it's done, put here. i need to cook my vegetables. it's a baby carrots, baby for
12:20 pm
my lamb sauce. lamb sauce tradition. >> reporter: add that on top. add the little baby vegetables. that looks absolutely perfect. and now we're done with the lamb dish. very typical of the south of france here. and i get to take a bite out of it. >> she's so lucky. it looks so good. >> vennel tables. delish. this year's westminster dog show wraps up with a historic winner. >> the dog show of all dog shows. he says it's top prize on one very special k-9 cutie. in new york, with all the details coming up. if.
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the show is in its 13th year.. and it continues to keep audiences coming survivor number 26 premiers tonight right here. >> the show is in the 13th year and continues to keep audiences coming back for more. but could we ever see a season for kids? i talked to the host yesterday. >> malcom who is returning was a kid growing up watching survivor and he is now on survivor. so there's something not just for adult, we have kids that watch as well. in fact, i just wrote a book called stranded and it's fiction and it's survivor for kids because i had so many asking, when are you going to do survivor for kids.
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we can put you in there through the book. >> it could happen. this season, a group of favorite players and life long fans square off. it's tonight at 8:00. and now to the dogs. the big win at this year's show went to the smallest dog in the room. and the handler calls him a little dog with a big heart. >> reporter: he caught up with the prized pup in new york city. >> reporter: banana joe is top dog at the annual westminster kennel club dog show. he took home the title defeating an old english sheep dog, a german wire haired pointer, a water dog and a smooth fox terrier. >> fantastic face. got an absolutely perfect body. >> reporter: dog lovers had mixed reactions. >> the pincher was just a little black beauty. just adorable. >> super cute.
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and looked great. >> reporter: but not your kind of dog? >> not my kind of dog. >> reporter: he beat more that be 2700 dogs to win. it takes hard work and pampering to get here. the runner-up, an old english sheep dog actually drew more cheers from the crowd than the pincher. and while swagger is just beginning his career, banana joe is ready to retire. he is headed back to owner after a post-show victory lap. cbs news, new york. >> and banana joe won 86 best in show titles during his career. >> and his owner says the little guy understands german, dutch, spanish and english. >> what do you think? >> he grew up in the netherlands. >> yeah. >> he should. a big title. all right. have a great afternoon everyone.
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[ cellphone ringing ] [ beep ] >> steffy: hey. >> liam: hey. are you still at the office? >> steffy: no, i'm at my condo. are you coming to see me? >> liam: no, i'm -- i'm stuck at work. i just called to talk. bad idea? >> steffy: only one way to find out. >> liam: um... so, hope came to see me today. >> steffy: yeah. [ sighs ] that's a bad idea. >> liam: listen, i -- i don't want you to think that my feelings have changed or that we have to start avoiding each


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